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"Kings Inn Cody Hotel is a Virtual Museum Attraction"

The owner of the Kings Inn in Cody hotel in Wyoming is proud to announce the new look of the Kings Inn hotel in Cody, WY. The hotel has been newly remodeled and a traditional African theme has been introduced.

The lobby has been decorated to reflect a traditional African feel with new colors and African Pygmy decor. Among the Pygmy decor is traditional furniture, weapons, dishware and clothing. The most impressive aspect of the remodel is the addition of full mounts of real African animals in the hotel lobby. A real elephant head mount is the largest and most impressive.

The hotel contains beautiful full mounts that include a rhinoceros, zebra, water buck, geri nook, antelopes and an ostrich. The most majestic mount is a lion pride with a female, male and cubs. There is also an action mount of a lion in pursuit of an antelope.

The hotel now has museum quality features. The rooms in the hotel have also been remodeled. New carpet, bathroom tile, pillow top mattresses and pillows are just a few of the perks.

The Kings Inn Cody hotel's close proximity to Yellowstone National Park all of the outlying areas make it ideal location for your stay in Cody. There are many reasons to enjoy being a guest in our Cody hotel. The African display within the Kings Inn Cody hotel will create enjoyment and inspire wonderment for the whole family. We encourage families to spend time together taking pictures of the many real African animal mounts in the Lobby. Families can unwind next to our indoor swimming pool at any time of the year. Our 32" flat screen televisions insure that guests can relax and forget about their stressful daily lives. The Kings Inn Cody hotel is a place to choose for your Yellowstone National Park escape.If you are traveling in Wyoming, we would love to have you.

Thank you for choosing us.


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